Half yearly membership is available from 1st July  Paying By Pay Pal   ENROLLING AS AN EXISTING MEMBER      ENROLLING AS A NEW MEMBER      As a member of U3A Yarra Ranges you are entitled to enroll in courses throughout the year. Your membership fee covers the cost of courses. Small extra charges for materials sometimes apply.

Membership is per calendar year and must be renewed each year.

Membership Types

SingleFull Member$50.00
CoupleFull Member$90.00
AssociateMembership of another U3A outside the shire of Yarra Ranges. ONE CLASS ONLY$25.00
Combined Shire Yarra RangesMember of U3A Yarra Ranges Inc With the option to attend other U3A`s within shire of Yarra Ranges$60.00
Combined Member-GuestMember of a U3A within the shire of Yarra Ranges. Must register with U3A Yarra Ranges to attend a class or activity$0.00
1/2 Year Membership Available 1st julySingle Member$30.00
1/2 yearCouple-full Member$50.00
Combined Shire Yarra Ranges U3A 1/2 yearSingle-Can attend courses at other Yarra ranges U3a$40.00
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How to join or renew your membership

Online Enrollment:

Enrolling online

Existing members can login here to enrol in courses.

If you are not a member, you will need to join before you can enrol.

Or download paper Membership Form: Membership Form