University of the Third Age Yarra Ranges

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 Code           Course         Location             Class Leader                         Start          Day     Time   Frequency

 201AA04   Holding Area    Japara Centre    None   27/01/2020  Mon   10:00   None  
 201AAA01   Volunteer for Committee    None    None   27/01/2020  Mon   0:00   None  
 201AAA02   Volunteer for Office    None    None   27/01/2020  Mon   0:00   None  
 201AAA03   Volunteer for Class Leader    None    None   27/01/2020  Mon   0:00   None  
 201MON01   Intermediate French    Japara Centre    Frances Hastie   03/02/2020  Mon   10:00   Weekly  
 201MON02   Feldenkrais    Japara Centre    Jenni Evans   03/02/2020  Mon   10:45   Weekly  
 201MON04   Photography    Japara Centre    Ray Pleming   03/02/2020  Mon   11:30   Weekly  
 201MON05   Music Appreciation    Japara Centre    Gerald Brinson   03/02/2020  Mon   13:00   Weekly  
 201MON07   Places of Interest & Lunch    Various    Aileen Rocca   03/02/2020  Mon   9:00   Mthly  
 201MON08   Bike Riding    Various    Paul Jackman   03/02/2020  Mon   9:30   Weekly  
 201MON09   Yoga    Japara Centre    Simone Awty   03/02/2020  Mon   13:30   Weekly  
 201MON10   Genealogy for Beginners    Tapscott Centre    Kaye Crettenden   03/02/2020  Mon   13:15   Weekly  
 201MON11   Patchwork by Hand    Japara Centre    Sharon Bartley   03/02/2020  Mon   13:00   Weekly  
 201MON12   Monday Social/Luncheon Group    Various    Joe Tuppenney   03/02/2020  Mon   12:00   Mthly  
 201MON46   Advanced I Pad - Monday    Courthouse    Janet Regan   03/02/2020  Mon   10:00   Weekly  
 202TUE06   Beginners Philosophy Class    Lilydale Lake Com. R    Tjip Faber   28/01/2020  Tue   14:30   Weekly  
 202TUE13   Tuesday Walking Group    Various    John Sebire   28/01/2020  Tue   9:00   Weekly  
 202TUE14   Creative Writing - Ways With Words    Montrose Town Centre    Sue Goss   28/01/2020  Tue   10:00   Weekly  
 202TUE15   Intermediate iPad Course - Tuesday    Courthouse    Janet Regan   28/01/2020  Tue   11:15   Weekly  
 202TUE17   Advanced French    Japara Centre    Frances Hastie   28/01/2020  Tue   14:45   Weekly  
 202TUE18   Karaoke    Tapscott Centre    Keith Ferguson   28/01/2020  Tue   11:15   Weekly  
 202TUE19   IPad for Beginners Class    Courthouse    Janet Regan   28/01/2020  Tue   13:30   Weekly  
 202TUE20   Intermediate Ballet Class for Adults    Montrose Hall    Annette Stuart   28/01/2020  Tue   9:30   Weekly  
 202TUE21   Beginners Ballet Class for Adults    Montrose Hall    Annette Stuart   28/01/2020  Tue   10:30   Weekly  
 202TUE22   Beginning French    Japara Centre    Frances Hastie   28/01/2020  Tue   13:45   Weekly  
 203WED03   DNA Conversation - 1 term only    Lilydale Library    Sharon Bartley   05/02/2020  Wed   9:30   Weekly  
 203WED23   Walking Group - Wednesday    Various    Paul Jackman   29/01/2020  Wed   9:00   Weekly  
 203WED24   Circle Dancing    Japara Centre    Robyn Sussems   29/01/2020  Wed   9:30   Weekly  
 203WED25   Folk Art    Japara Centre    Gloria Riddell   29/01/2020  Wed   10:00   Weekly  
 203WED26   Table Tennis    Coldstream    Susan Mooney   29/01/2020  Wed   9:00   Weekly  
 203WED27   Art - Drawing/Painting    Bridge House    Teresa Howie   29/01/2020  Wed   13:30   Weekly  
 203WED28   Art - Appreciation    Bridge House    Teresa Howie   29/01/2020  Wed   13:30   Weekly  
 204THU29   Craft    Japara Centre    Gloria Riddell   30/01/2020  Thu   14:00   Weekly  
 204THU30   First Thursday Book Club    Lilydale Library    Sue Goss   30/01/2020  Thu   10:00   Mthly  
 204THU31   Thursday Walking Group    Various    Sue Blank   30/01/2020  Thu   9:15   Weekly  
 204THU32   Thursday Genealogy    Tapscott Centre    Kaye Crettenden   30/01/2020  Thu   9:00   Weekly  
 204THU33   Intermediate Italian    Courthouse    Tonina Lombardi   30/01/2020  Thu   10:00   Weekly  
 204THU34   Advanced Italian    Courthouse    Tonina Lombardi   30/01/2020  Thu   12:00   Weekly  
 204THU35   Beginners Italian    Courthouse    Anna Hallett   30/01/2020  Thu   14:00   Weekly  
 204THU36   Film Group    Various    Andy Goss   30/01/2020  Thu   10:00   Mthly  
 205FRE41   Dine-out Luncheons    Various    Cheryl Bredle   31/01/2020  Fri   12:30   Mthly  
 205FRI38   Staying Steady Chair Exercises    Courthouse    Val Zaske   31/01/2020  Fri   10:00   Weekly  
 205FRI39   Genealogy - Friday    Japara Centre    John Sebire   31/01/2020  Fri   9:00   Weekly  
 205FRI40   Computer Operators Group    Japara Centre    Ann Brickell   31/01/2020  Fri   11:00   Weekly  
 205FRI42   Philosophy = An examined life.    Lilydale Lake Com. R    Paul Jackman   31/01/2020  Fri   10:00   Weekly  
 205FRI43   Italian Conversation    Japara Centre    Anna Hallett   31/01/2020  Fri   13:00   Weekly  
 206SAT44   Patchwork - Week 1    Japara Centre    Beverley Busiko   01/02/2020  Sat   10:00   Mthly  
 206SAT45   Patchwork - Week 3    Japara Centre    Beverley Busiko   15/02/2020  Sat   10:00   Mthly