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Registration For 2021

At the committee meeting on 5th November, 2021 a motion was tabled and passed to defer registration for 2021 until 7th April, 2021.

The reasons are around the Covid restrictions and when we can return to normal classes or as near to normal as possible.

New Members

New members should register via the Membership page. If you have any questions please contact Judith Gunstone, Membership Secretary via email: or on 9725 0825.

Current Members Only

Registration fees for 2021 Current Members only  (that is registered in 2020) payable after 7th April 2021.

Will be as follows:

Full Member – $25.00

Member Couple – $40.00 ($20 each)

Associate member – $12.00.

Classes For 2021

Class enrolments will continue as they stand for Term 1 commencing the week beginning 27th January 2021 through to 26th March, 2021.

How Does This Affect You

Jan/Feb is the usual commencement for the classes for year.

  1. Your choice is stay as you are
  2. Try a different class, if there are vacancies in the class you select.

After last class on the 26th March,  2021,the registration system will go offline to allow for rollover and resetting for 2021.  On 7th April, 2021, the system will be switched on and you can register as normal and enrol in the classes that you are interested in for Terms 2,3,and 4.

Select the class/es go to payment and make payment.

If you do not wish to enrol online you can register and enrol for class/es  by completing a form with your chosen classes and forwarding by mail or in person at the office together with your payment.

Remember the fees for 2020 Members only have been reduced for 2021 only.

If you have any questions please ring me on 9725 0825, happy to help.

Judith Gunstone,  Membership Secretary.